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Hello, Im so happy you're here! My name is Kenzie, I'm the owner of Bratty Beauty and have been in the beauty industry since I was 19. My goal is to make you feel and look your best, and let your already beautiful features be accentuated. I also have a passion for teaching others the ins and outs of the beauty business. Hopefully I hear from you soon!

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We only offer one on one in person training to make sure each student is getting the best experience and our full attention. This is an extensive 2 day course that will include one day of learning all the ins and outs of lashes and one day of live model practice. This course covers classic, hybrid, volume and mega volume. It is jam packed with knowledge - everything you could possibly need to know to kick off your lash career. It also includes 24/7 mentorship after your class to help with any problems you may run into or questions you may have. Our course kit is hand picked with all our favourite products. We have a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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  • 6 isolation and 12 fanning techniques
  • In depth manual and live model practice
  • TWO accredited and insurable certifications
  • Ongoing Mentorship after training
  • Full hand picked starter kit with a mix of my favourite brands and products - enough product for your first 15 clients
  • Business and social media marketing tips
  • + so much more!

Our 2 day course includes:

Please contact us to book training dates or for more information

Pretty lashes.


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Eyelash extensions are single or multiple fibres glued to each individual eyelash. They are custom made, so can be tailored to suit your face shape and preferences.

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Full Set






All foreign fills (coming for a fill with a different artists work on) have an additional $15 fee.

If you arrive to your fill with less than 50% of your lash extensions on, it will be considered a full set.

New clients are required to pay a deposit their first time booking to avoid no shows.

Please read the information on our booking page for all additional policies.


Brow makeovers include a wax, tint and lamination. This will completly transform your brow game! Lamination gives you a thick, naturally full look. The tint will darken them up a bit. Then we shape them and voila!


Brow laminations are when we manipulate the direction of the hair, using something similar to a perm. This fluffs your brows up giving a nice full and natural look.


Brow tints are done to dye the brow hair, and brow Henna dyes the hair AND the skin. Tints and Henna will last 2-3 weeks on the hairs, Henna will last 1-2 weeks on the skin.


My favorite service of all! Powder Ombre Brows are life changing! These brows are very similar to henna, and are great for people who normally fill in their brows with makeup. They are tattooed on with a single needle tattoo gun. We use topical numbing so they are quite painless. Powder Ombre Brows last 1-3 years.

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Located in Maple Ridge, BC

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